Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

The year of 2013 had started with the display of some good Korean movies and now that we are half-way through the year it’s a good time to look at the top Korean movies of 2013. The second part of the year would surely provide some more superb movies, but here are the top Korean movies so far.

10. My Paparotti

My Paparotti - Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

This film is based on the true and inspiring story of Kim Ho-Joong. He first appeared on July 18, 2009 on STARKING a Korean TV show. In that program, he won the hearts of people by displaying his singing abilities. However, people got amazed by knowing his background story. Kim Ho- Jung had a troubled childhood and grew up to join the local gangs, but his grandmother encouraged him to start singing and the rest as they say is history.

9. Fists of Legend

On a TV program named “The Greatest Fight Show on Earth,” three rivals who were old friends get face to face. They have a chance to win $200,000, but it’s been 25 years since they have fought. Deok-kyu runs a noodle shop, Sang-hoon works as a corporate executive, and Jae-seok is working for a low-grade gang.

8. Very Ordinary Couple

Young and Dong-Hee are both working in the same bank. After dating secretly for nearly three years they decide to break-up, but they tell their colleagues that everything is good. However, at the bank’s get-together dinner they have a huge fight, which reveals to other that they once dated. The game of tit-for-tat starts between them and the final question remains, can they live together? Can they live apart?

7. Montage

This crime thriller is about solving the crime of kidnap and killing of a girl nearly 15 years ago. Detective Chung-Ho decides to solve this case before statute of limitations applies. However, there is a new abduction case that takes place similar to the one that he is investigating. Now, Chung-Ho has a new case and Ha-Kyung who is father of the girl murdered 15 years ago is working to find the murder on his own.

6. The Tower

The Tower - Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

On the eve of Christmas an ultra-luxurious high-rise building Tower Sky is having a party for its VIP guests and rich tenants. However, the spectacular party turns into a nightmare and Dae-ho who is the manager of the building has to muster extra-ordinary courage with Young-ki who is the legendary chief of Yoido Fire Station, to save the people and their loved ones.

5. Man on the Edge

Man on the Edge - Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

Gwang-Ho who is right hand man of a crime lord, get into a fight with Tae-Joo. In the blade fight he hurts his palm that changes his fate line. Series of events leads him to a fortune teller who tells him that he is possessed. Gwang-Ho starts living double lives as a fortune teller and crime boss. His enemies try to reveal this double life.

4. New World

“Goldmoon” the biggest crime organization in Korea is expanding its powers. Ja-Seoung is sent as undercover to take down the organization by Kang who heads police investigation department. This undercover assignment is called “New World.” However, Ja-Seoung faces the dilemma of whose order’s he should follow Kang’s or Jeong Cheong who is under boss of “Goldmoon.”

3. Secretly Greatly

Won Ryu-Hwan is a North Korean Special Forces trained killing machine. He lives in South Korea as a mentally challenged man. However, he is on a spy mission. He meets two other North Korean spies Lee Hae-Rang who is disguised as a struggling rock star and Ri Hae-Jin. The three men live in the poor neighborhood unnoticed waiting for orders, and their orders from North Korea arrives.

2. The Berlin File

The Berlin File - Top 10 Korean Movies in 2013

In the middle of a financial espionage a North Korean agent in Berlin is cut loose and betrayed. Now with his wife, and a translator from the Berlin embassy of North Korea, he is trying to escape from being eliminated. However, the people pursuing him are one of the smartest operatives from North and South Korea.

1. Miracle in Cell No.7

Yong-Goo is mentally challenged person who is falsely accused of murder and rape. However, in the prison he saves the life of his cell mate Yang-Ho. To express his thanks Yang-ho offers his help to Yong-goo and expresses the wish to meet his daughter Ye-Seung. Then these five inmates in the prison try a miracle.

These movies have truly entertained the audiences in the year till now, but we must wait to see what is in store for rest of the year.

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