Top 10 Most Popular Soccer Players in 2013

Soccer is the most popular game played all over the world. Its tournaments, leagues like world cups and euro cups are of best interest for all . This exciting game is full of action; the players are anticipated to be strong and physically fit as well as aggressive and flexible. The football player outshines the players of other games in the popularity and fame all over the world. Soccer players are in heavy competition with each one and they need to work hard to maintain their position and prestige in the team. These players are best source of inspiration for kids who attempt to follow them in methods and styles. There are some most popular soccer players and they become famous because of their performance made.

10. Persie


Persie is one of the popular players recently. Persie is a great striker, has the skill to shoot ball from all angle. Even though he could not give his best in previous match, he is aimed to give a success of the team in premier league.

9. Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is a popular Portuguese player has millions of fans. His beauty adds to the popularity he enjoys all over the world. He is famous for this best control over the ball in the field. He is considered as a best football player in the world by the way he dribbles and handles the ball. He is the fastest player in the football game.

8. Iker casillas

Iker casillas

Iker casillas is the good goal keeper, contributed best deal of success to his team recently in world cup and euro cup. Soccer experts considered him like the savior of Spain because he has done well in the critical situations and has took his team towards the winning stand.

7. Ozil


German player mesut ozil has presented his outstanding skill of dodging, controlling and handling the football. He performed well in the euro cup for this nation and given best performance. Owing constant performance and skills in the soccer game, game expert anticipate that he will become the best player in the future.

6. Kaka


Kaka is famous and considered as backbone of Brazilian team. The best quality of this player is that he not abandons the spirit of sports and plays honestly. The talent that he has given has forced lot of specialists about him a good player.

5. Neymar


Neymar is from Brazilian. He is energetic, young and display good determination in the field. He knows to maintain the control and have presented outstanding skills that shows that he has extra ordinary talents.

4. Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez starts his game at the position of the middle square. His best talents of getting the ball in control and passing precisely create him one of the popular players of football in the globe.Xavi is a best example for teenagers who are aimed to study the skills of the soccer game. It is great entertainment to watch his playing in the field.

3. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney requires no introduction. He has lifted the honor and prestige of soccer spirit to the heights. He has been conquering the hearts of large number of people for many years. He has received wonderful number of goals.

2. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel messi is the best player of all times. He contains the ability to alter the course of game at anytime. The way he dribbles and handles the ball is excellent. The career of Lionel is full of supporting facts that makes him the greatest player. The special talents of flexibility, speed, skills and vision outshine all the popular players.

1. Crisitano Ronaldo

Crisitano Ronaldo

Crisitano ronaldo comes from protugal. He has presented his outstanding performance from the beginning of his career. He contains the skill to play at any part. He has made excellent number of goals and has given success of the team in a best deal.

Soccer is one of the famous sports and large number of people both young and old is highly interested in watching the game as well as in learning the soccer game. It is one of the demanding sports that is why it is necessary to learn certain exercise which can enhance the fitness for game. Football is a game that needs agility, speed, skill, stamina and strength to run, shoot and safeguard themselves from injuries.

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