Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Stars in 2013

Recently, the Kpop wave has been capturing mush interest all over the world. An interview was carried out to rank the most attractive female idols. Below is the real rank of the sexiest female Kpop Idols in South Korea according to the interviews.

10. Jeon Hyosung (Secret)

She ranks seven in the sexiest female Kpop Idols. She is the main dancer of the Kpop girl group called Secret which debuted in 2009. The group has four members and she is the leader. She has a sexy body and makes hot sexy moves while performing. This makes her the best member of the group.

9. HyunA (4Minute)

She is also known as Kim Hyun Ah. She is a former member of Wonder girls but now she is a member of 5 member girl group called 4Minute which appeared for the first time in 2009. She also belongs to the list called Successful Kpop singer since she can be a solo singer. She is one of the famous K-idols in the world because of her own song Ice Cream, Change, Bubble Pop and the PSY’s Gangnam style. She is the sexiest member of her current group and many people love her sexy body and figure.

8. Tiffany (SNSD/Girl’s Generation)

Tiffany - Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Stars in 2013

Her name is Kwon Yu-ri and she was born in 1989. She is an actress, entertainer, TV presenter, dancer, promotional model and a singer although she likes swimming. The singing career has made her famous and last year together with her band members, they co-hosted the Kpop All Star live in Niigita. She frequently uses sexy underwear while performing at an event. She also wears a lemon-colored dress which is decorated with floral-patterned feminine complement portraying her beautiful and pretty body figure. She also attracts the attention of men while presenting by using her eyes.

7. Gain (Brown Eyed Girl)

Gain is among the top three ranked sexiest women in the Kpop group. She is from one of the Kpop girl group called Brown Eyed Girls which is also known as B.E.G. The group’s famous song, Abracadabra ranks first in the sexiest Kpop live performances. Gain is now more famous because of PSY’s new song gentleman. The song has dances similar to those of B.E.G’s Abracadabra and In the MV.

6. Suzy (Miss A)

Suzy is a great singer an actress. She is now the famous female K-Idol base by Kpop fan’s in Japan. She is also known as the drama queen in Kpop world and she is member of Miss A. Miss A is Kpop girl group from JYP Nation and according to fans, Suzy is the prettiest. She is the most beautiful star of all time. She is also very talented with a pretty angel face and a harmonious body figure.

5. G.N.A

GNA - Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Stars in 2013

She is a Cube artist and she has performed in very many cube concerts. She is able to attract men’s attraction while performing. Her perfect ton, colorful unique voice, womanly vibe, sexy performance and luring eyes have also contributed as they make male fans cheer louder.

4. Yuri (SNSD/Girls Generation)

Yuri - Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Stars in 2013

Yuri is among the most favorite Kpop artist. She is an artist who dances nicely with different face expressions making her dancing great and awesome. She has charisma and uses her eyes many times when dancing. Although she is a member of the larger girl group, she was able to stand out because of her sexy body with a jaw-dropping figure and healthy skin.

3. Nana (After School)

Nana is the famous member of After School. She is the prettiest and sexiest member of After School which is very famous in making the sexy dance, Choreo. Their newest song is ranked second in the sexiest KPOP live performances. After School is the only Kpop girl group from Pledis Entertainment and their group partner is NU’EST.

2. Park Ji-yeon (T-ara)

Her real name is Bal Ji Yun and she is a member of the T-ara group. She is an actress and a singer whose position is a vocalist and main dancer. She rose to prominence for being the sexiest and prettiest member of the girl group T-ara and appearing on several television shows. She is also very flexible which makes her dancing very attractive especially to men.

1. Park Bom (2NE1)

She is very pretty and talented like Hyorin. She is the main Vocalist of 2NE1 and she is ranked 4th in the Kpop group worldwide. She gives hip-pop, R&B and pop image a sexy edge especially on the stage. Her trademarks include micro skirts, thick eyeliner and her longhair.

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